Are your toenails thick and hard to cut?

Thickened toenails can cause extra pressure on the toes while wearing shoes, causing pain and increased risk of infection...

Learn more about the causes and care for this common problem

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A visit with a friendly foot care Nurse in our office or in the comfort of your loved ones home provides foot health and comfort!

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Give the gift of foot comfort, an in home nursing footcare treatment makes a great gift for birthdays, and special occasions. Especially when getting out to the appointment is an issue.

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An in office nursing foot care session is an appreciated and practical gift for those hard to buy for seniors!

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Who Can Benefit From Nursing Foot Care?

People from all walks of life can benefit, we all depend on our feet to keep us mobile. People who spend long hours on their feet could benefit from a relaxing foot care treatment and suggestions for improved foot health and comfort. Ongoing foot care maintenance is important for those with poor eyesight, diseases such as poor circulation, stroke, dementia, arthritis, joint problems, foot pain or other conditions that prevent people from being able to care safely for their own feet.

Consultation and Assessment

Professional foot care begins with a thorough nursing assessment of the client's feet and includes a health questionnaire and visual inspection. Our Foot Care Nurses are trained in Advanced and Diabetic Foot Care, we are able to care for specific foot care problems such as corns, calluses, ingrown toe nails, thickened and hard to cut nails, cracked heels, and fungal nails. After assessing your feet, we will design a personalized foot care program specific to your needs. We can also offer suggestions for keeping your feet more comfortable between visits.

Diabetic Foot Care

Ongoing foot care is extremely important for people with diabetes. Some of the effects of the disease increase the risk of foot problems and also increase the likelihood of complications. Regular assessment and proper diabetic foot care can decrease the risk of serious foot problems.

Staying Informed

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